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Nick Chandley

I am an experienced and qualified primary teacher, working latterly for one of the country’s most forward-thinking education action zones but now as an independent trainer of P4C. I have also consulted on Drama into Literacy at local authority level and led many creative projects in schools that help embed P4C across the curriculum. A firm believer in the importance of developing the kind of skills that both support learning and life, I am a co-author of The Learning Skills Curriculum (www.learning-skills.org.uk) and I am editor of the new SAPERE Level 1 course handbook which, thanks to its many talented and knowledgeable contributors, is a fabulous resource. I enjoy making all my training both fun and challenging, with consistently excellent feedback, travelling across the UK but based in the Peak District. When not challenging minds, I find respite walking the hills in the wonderful company of llamas. Check out the website - www.peakllamas.co.uk - and call in if you're round our way! I'm lucky also to be involved with the wonderful P4C community (this is the gushy bit!). At every meeting there are new friends and old friends, all wanting to share - experiences, concerns, resources, anecdotes and success stories - and I've left every meeting better off for being there. I think we owe a big debt to those few that practically everyone involved in P4C could name, but who will remain nameless here.