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What is p4c.com?

P4C.COM IS A WEB SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE for teachers who want pupils of all ages to think for themselves through philosophical dialogue with others. We provide resources, lesson plans, advice, collaboration, and tools for creating your own dynamic materials.

A not-for-profit co-operative

We are a registered co-operative committed to co-operative principles, including self-sufficiency, independence and co-operation. Subscriptions enable the site to be maintained and developed, for editorial services to be paid for and for writers to be rewarded for their efforts. It is therefore self-sustaining. When someone has contributed a certain number of resources, they have the option to apply for co-operative membership. Individuals and organisations can become members.

The aims of p4c.com

  • To raise awareness about the origins and ongoing development of Philosophy for Children (P4C)
  • To promote philosophical inquiry for its own sake, as well as for its capacity to build the attitudes and skills required by modern curricula, enriching concept formation in all subjects
  • To provide and support a professional forum for learning and collaboration in this field
  • To provide teaching resources and curriculum models and pathways for teachers of all age groups
  • To contribute a 10% share of net subscription income to charities and projects that themselves promote philosophical inquiry
  • To carry out its function as a co-operative and to abide by the internationally recognised values and principles of co-operative identity as defined by the International Co-operative Alliance.

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