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Please note that p4c.com is not offering training direct or online to schools or individuals at the moment (as of September 2022). We may resume training at some stage in the future but we cannot currently guarantee to provide nationwide coverage and have therefore suspended our training operations. However, three other providers are offering either face-to-face or online training. We suggest that you contact them directly with your enquiry:

SAPERE is the most established provider of training in Britain and has developed a suite of courses for P4C at different levels.
See: https://www.sapere.org.uk/courses.aspx

DialogueWorks was established by Roger Sutcliffe, a founder and leading light of SAPERE for many years. The DialogueWorks approach is similar to that of SAPERE with additional focuses on ‘Values and Virtues’ and ‘Philosophical Teaching across the Curriculum’. They also provide an introductory course.
See: https://dialogueworks.co.uk/training/

Jason Buckley (aka The Philosophy Man) takes a slightly different approach. His emphasis is on engaging pupils in thought-provoking and ‘fun’ activities to stimulate philosophical reasoning.
See: https://www.thephilosophyman.com

P4C.com training (when we resume training in the future)

The p4c.com website offers many resources and useful advice to get you started and keep you going. However, we also offer training and support in your own school or institution.

To enquire about courses, please contact Kay Williams.

All the members of The P4C Co-operative are experienced teachers and trainers. We can deliver both accredited and non-accredited training in philosophy for children in the UK and overseas.  We offer the following courses and sessions:

1. One-day introduction to P4C and P4C.com

This course will help you to understand P4C and get you started doing it with children and young people using our own resources. We demonstrate how to use our website to the best effect. The day can include a demonstration P4C session with children from your own school.

2. One-day demonstration lessons of P4C with your pupils

One of the best ways to realise the potential of P4C is to see it in action with your own pupils. We can demonstrate P4C with classes in your school followed by a short discussion or training session with staff.

3. Accredited courses

We offer a full range of  SAPERE-accredited courses in philosophy for children. These include two-day introductory courses (Level 1) and two-day advanced courses for P4C leaders or enthusiasts (Level 2).

4. Bespoke training

We can arrange training sessions tailored specifically for individual institutions, clusters or local authorities. This can include demonstration lessons, training days (either accredited courses or awareness-raising days), teacher-coaching, support with planning, and online support.

The format of the training can vary between a keynote speech or workshop (at national or international conferences), whole-staff training day(s), half-day or twilight sessions and/or a parent/community workshop.

Links can be made with special interest areas such as citizenship, creativity, critical thinking, drama, early years, English, gifted and talented, primary/secondary frameworks or indeed most school subject areas.

5. Philosophy day for pupils

A lively and stimulating day of philosophical sessions for pupils. This can be done as a series of lessons with different classes.

Our costs

Training days vary from £750 to £1,200 a day including expenses. Costs vary according to distance travelled, school requirements and so on. Contact us on [email protected] or ring Kay Williams on 01332 760573 for a discussion.