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We offer two kinds of subscription

Individual Subscription: Select this option from the table below and you will have access to all the resources as an individual.

School subscription: This gives you a maximum of 10 logins. The way it works is that you buy a School Subscription. You are then registered as a member and allocated a School Discount Code that you give to a maximum of 10 additional teachers. Each one then registers by selecting ‘School
Subscription: Additional Member’ and uses the School Discount Code to get free access.

How to pay: If you choose to pay immediately via debit card or credit card, you get instant access. If you choose to pay by cheque or bank transfer, you will get access when we receive your payment.

Consent: On each of the subscription pages listed below we ask for information necessary to provide you with an effective service. Starred boxes indicate required fields. When you fill in these and other fields you give your consent to us holding this data in line with our privacy policy.

Contact the team if you have any queries or issues.

Level Price
Individual Subscriber £35.00 per Year. Select
School Subscriber £59.00 per Year.
Up to 10 members of staff
School Subscription: Individual Member This option is only for people whose school is already a ‘School Subscriber’. It is FREE for them when they use the code that comes with ‘School Subscriber’ membership. Select