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In the 1970s and 80s, Matthew Lipman and his colleagues at the IAPC Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children created a series and philosophical novels and accompanying manuals. The manuals are full of exercises and discussion plans on significant concepts and tools for reasoning.

The work put into those materials will probably be unsurpassed in the field of P4C. The IAPC have agreed to make some of the exercises and discussion plans available to subscribers of P4C.COM. They could be used to support any curriculum. Matthew Lipman discusses his view of exercises and discussion plans in ANALYTIC TEACHING Vol. 16 No.2 ‘Philosophical Discussion Plans and Exercises’

They will also be listed in the ‘Concept Activities’ and ‘Reasoning Activities’ Sections. And, of course, the items will be tagged with key words and age recommendations to help you find what you want.

Please note: sometimes the links we create in our materials become obsolete or don’t work for a variety of reasons. If you find a link doesn’t work, please let us know, citing the name of the resource. Send a message to: [email protected]



Some exercises to help pupils think about the different roles people play

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