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This programme was made by Steve Williams and children from Kingsland Primary School in Stoke-on-Trent. The topic they chose to discuss was respect. It would make a good stimulus for discussion.

Ideas for thinking about the podcast and ‘respect’

  1. Listen to the Philosophy Radio podcast. You can pause or drag the recording backwards to listen to parts again.
  2. What have you heard that seems interesting or important? Write down some ideas so you can remember them.
  3. What are your own first thoughts or questions? Write those down too.
  4. Talk about the podcast to others or reflect for yourself and write down your thoughts.

Here are some example questions

  • Children should have the same respect as adults, shouldn’t they?
  • Are there different kinds of respect? Or are there different senses of the word?
  • One child says: ‘Respect is like fairness’. Do you agree? How is it like and not like ‘fairness’?
  • Is there a sense that only some people should be respected?
  • What has respect got to do with giving people attention?
  • Some children are more capable than some adults. Do you agree? What are your next thoughts?
  • Should a child be allowed to do more? Is it disrespecting them not to allow them to do things?

Does equal respect mean equal treatment? What do you think?

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