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Will Ord

HELLO! I've been involved with P4C since 1993, and I'm still learning about it. I suspect I will never stop learning about it. Maybe that's one key reason why I love it. MY TRAINING: I provide training that aims to provoke thought about the purposes of education in 21st Century, develop a good understanding of P4C pedagogy, and provide a whole range of very practical techniques that collegaues can use within the P4C context and in everyday lessons. Training is always interactive, and the vast majority of people leave with a smile on thier face and keen to try things out! RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: I've been a full time secondary teacher (Head of RE, Deputy Head of 6th Form, and School Governor), a writer for the TES, Professional Officer for ACT (Citizenship subject association), Chair of SAPERE, co-author of 3 school text books, and I'm presently an associate lecturer at Oxford Brookes University. However, the last seven years have been predominantly spent training primary & secondary teachers in P4C in the UK and abroad (in 12 countries). I also really welcome the chance to work with the pupils in the 60 + schools I collaborate with each year. BIG POINT: I really believe that the 21st Century is going to bring challenges that contemporary education is not preparing our children for. P4C is one way of redressing this; helping to make all children wiser, not just some of them cleverer. Do check my website: www.thinkingeducation.co.uk You can email me through that, and there are some free resources for you there. All the best! Will