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Roger is one of the world’s leading authorities on P4C and philosophical education. He was a founder and President of SAPERE, the UK charity promoting P4C, and President of ICPIC, the International Council for Philosophical Inquiry with Children. He graduated in Philosophy and Modern Languages at Oxford, and has taught at primary and secondary level.  He trained in P4C under Professor Lipman.  Roger is an outstanding facilitator of dialogue, with both large audiences and small groups. He is currently the president of DialogueWorks.

DialogueWorks provides training, support and resources in teaching that brings more thinking into learning. Its two main programmes are P4C Plus and Thinking Moves. They offer online or in-person training anywhere in the world, through programmes that we tailor to meet local needs and the priorities of individual schools.

It  provides resources on its website for teachers, students, parents and trainers, covering all ages and curriculum areas.

Count down and stand up


Count Down (or Count up) are Stand Up (or Sit Down) are two of the most favoured activities in the early stages of developing a community of inquiry, partly because of their simplicity, and partly because they reinforce the practice of OOPSAAT (Only One Person Speaks At A Time), which is essential for effective dialogue. They also develop the sense that everybody in a community of inquiry has a part to play in building success for the whole group.

See the PDF attachment for a full explanation.

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