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HERE IS an example of one of the many resources in the P4C library that give you not only the stimulus material but also teacher’s notes with suggestions on how to use the material successfully. In addition to specially-written stimulus material there are also suggestions and additional activities for use with published picture books recommended for P4C. All these are available when you subscribe.

THIS FABLE from Aesop might lend itself to different endings. I have written four endings, of which Ending One is the original.

The Ant and The Grasshopper: This is the story and all the endings
Notes on The Ant and The Grasshopper: These are notes on how to use the materials

Using drama or readers’ theatre
The dialogues can be read around the class, performed as Readers’ Theatre or performed as a drama. With young children, you can always read the parts yourself. In drama, especially with younger children, I have found it useful to separate the acting from the reading which allows:

  • the readers to concentrate on the words and the actors on the actions
  •  more parts to be available (acting is always very popular)
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