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Rules and Virtues


I don’t want to add to the bombardment of information people are getting at the moment. I’ll work on this and other pages for you in the coming weeks. I’ll build the pages slowly, a bit at a time, and we’ll announce new additions on our Facebook page so if you want to get updates please find the page (p4c.com) and ‘like’ it. Otherwise, check in to this website from time to time.

Steve Williams, Editor, P4C.COM

All these resources will also appear under the heading of ‘Website Samples’. I’ve subgrouped them here and under the other headings.

Children’s Podcast on ‘Respect’

With many families stuck at home or facing a lot of stress, this podcast on respect made by a group of 11-year-olds will provide some important issues to think about. There are some suggestions on how to use the podcast.

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The ant and the grasshopper

Not only is this a good resource in its own right at any time, it has some benefits in the current situation.

  1. It’s written in the form of a script and if you are communicating online with teachers, friends and family, it might be fun to try performing a script together with different people taking different roles.
  2. It stimulates questions about giving and sharing – particularly at a time of crisis. You could think of questions appropriate to the current situation. Or make a challenge to think up some scenarios that reflect the themes of the story.

Suggest concepts such as: charity, ‘deserving’, compassion, ‘equal’, fairness. How might these concepts apply to the story and to real life at the present time?

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