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Readers Theatre

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I HAVE SHARED Readers’ Theatre (RT) for many years with children and adults. It is an enjoyable activity that helps readers bring texts to life by speaking them aloud and using simple theatre effects.

It has much to offer Philosophy for Children as I hope to explain in this online e-book. It might be of special interest for teachers of literature and the humanities. After attending one of my courses, staff at the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) adopted Readers’ Theatre as part of their successful ‘Power of Reading Project’.

First, I will try to explain the nature of RT and provide some materials for you to share with colleagues and possibly pupils. Notice that a special ‘Book Index’ box appears in the column to the left and links to the completed sections are also listed below this article.

I will add sections to this book over the next couple of couple of weeks and months. Sections of the book will cover the following topics.

  1. Introducing Readers’ Theatre
  2. RT Performances
  3. Using RT for argument analysis
  4. Using RT to present ‘philosophical’ stories and dialogues — including those by Matthew Lipman.
  5. Using RT to integrate P4C and the teaching of literature – ‘Interpretive Summary’
  6. RT on P4C.COM — links to material.
  7. RT and’ community problem solving’
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