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THE P4C CO-OPERATIVE provides materials mainly for teachers who want to philosophize with children about ideas that are important to everyone such as fairness, friendship, facts, beliefs, truth and beauty. In the course of careful dialogue about these themes, children develop their powers of critical and creative thinking and a sense of practical wisdom.

Parents, relatives, home educators and youth workers can also play their part. We will be making some of our materials and strategies available to them for free in the form of an online book of connected webpages. It will be split into sections according to either the authors or the themes. The authors won’t always make the same kinds of suggestions but they will all be aiming to get adults and children thinking together.

We’ll build up the book over time so if you are interested then keep checking to see what is available.

SEE ALSO: About P4C for a brief description and Benefits of P4C.

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