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Sue Lyle

I am a Director of Dialogue Exchange Ltd., a company I run with my husband to promote effective learning in schools through dialogue. I retired from Swansea Metropolitan University in 2010 were I was Head of Continuing Professional Development in the School of Education and Programme Director for the MA (Education). I still work part-time to support PhD students at the university, one of whom is looking at the impact of P4C on a year 7 class. I have been involved in P4C since 1995 and actively involved as a trainer since 2003. Together with Karin Murris we have trained over 1600 teachers and 57 whole school staff to Level 1 and over 100 teachers to Level 2, and 12 teachers to Level 3. I have also co-taught Level 2 for SAPERE and regularly mark assignments. Our DVD featuring children's voices on their experience of P4C in Wales, 'Journey into Children's Minds' is available to buy from Imaginative Minds - £29.90. I have carried out research into the impact of P4C on children, teachers and whole schools in collaboration with seconded teachers. My doctorate (1998) was on children's collaborative talk and included a chapter on P4C. I am continuing with my own education by following an OU degree in philosophy.

Reasoning about Mole and Basil


Another resource on the enjoyable picture book by Werner Holzwarth and Wolf Erlbruch. The focus is reasoning.

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