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I am a Director of Dialogue Exchange Ltd., a company I run with my husband to promote effective learning in schools through dialogue. I retired from Swansea Metropolitan University in 2010 were I was Head of Continuing Professional Development in the School of Education and Programme Director for the MA (Education). I still work part-time to support PhD students at the university, one of whom is looking at the impact of P4C on a year 7 class. I have been involved in P4C since 1995 and actively involved as a trainer since 2003. Together with Karin Murris we have trained over 1600 teachers and 57 whole school staff to Level 1 and over 100 teachers to Level 2, and 12 teachers to Level 3. I have also co-taught Level 2 for SAPERE and regularly mark assignments. Our DVD featuring children's voices on their experience of P4C in Wales, 'Journey into Children's Minds' is available to buy from Imaginative Minds - £29.90. I have carried out research into the impact of P4C on children, teachers and whole schools in collaboration with seconded teachers. My doctorate (1998) was on children's collaborative talk and included a chapter on P4C. I am continuing with my own education by following an OU degree in philosophy.

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