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Michelle Whitworth

I practise P4C as an intergenerational worker for Age Concern. I take groups of volunteers aged over 50 into schools with me and they play a particularly important role in small group work (I aim to have a ratio of around 1 adult:-3/4 pupils depending on size of class) I currently have about 45 volunteers on my books, plus another 18 who do one to one reading support. Most of the time we are in primary schools but we have engaged with years 7, 9 ,10, and 11. At present, we receive a grant from North Tyneside Council for this project as part of its 6th unique outcome for Every Child Matters: Be spirited.

Healthy and Unhealthy


Ideas for a community of enquiry on the concepts of healthy and unhealthy food, and also on the influence of advertising. (PDF attached)

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