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Grace Lockrobin

I'm a philosopher working in schools, universities, communities and businesses. In 2008 I established Thinking Space to promote philosophical dialogue and enquiry. I work wherever there's a need for creative and critical thinking and in the past this has taken me everywhere from nursery schools to medical schools and has led to collaborations with educational institutions, businesses, arts organisations and charities. I'm a SAPERE trainer and associate of the Philosophy Foundation - both leading educational charities. I practice philosophical enquiry, train others to do the same and speak on the subject nationally and internationally. I'm a Teaching Fellow at The University of Leeds where I run a course that introduces philosophy students to philosophical enquiry in schools - the first of its kind at Leeds. When I can squeeze it in, I continue to study for a PhD in Philosophy of Education at the Institute of Education, University of London.

Mars Transporter


What is personal identity? What does it mean to be human? Could a replication of you really be you? Would it remain a duplicate you as time went by?

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