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Our library is the place to find stimulus materials, recommended resources, original stories, lesson plans, inspiring articles and a host of other items to help you bring about great philosophical inquiries.

With your help, our lists of recommended resources for inquiry will become the most comprehensive on the web. If you would like to suggest a resource to add to any of the lists, start a new topic in the 'Recommendations' forum.

The p4c library resources on this page are organised in a simple table. If you use the sub-menus in the left column, you will be able to filter the list according to the resource category. Sort any table using the column headings. Enjoy!

Title Category Author Createdsort icon
Jeg Går En Tur - A self-portrait by Lasse Gjertsen
A stimulating three-minute video made by a student in Norway. Thought-provoking themes for discussion with teenagers.
Short Films James Nottingham 03/05/2012
P4C & Music
A collection of musical stimuli with some ideas for use.
Short Films, Recommended! Nick Chandley 29/04/2012
The Ugly Duckling
Lesson ideas and a structure for use with the Disney short film 'The Ugly Duckling'
Short Films Roger Sutcliffe 03/03/2011
Moving image resources for p4c
A collection of moving image stimuli available on the Internet, from youtube, the BBC and others.
Short Films, Recommended! Nick Chandley 29/10/2009