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Recommendations and lesson ideas

In the early 1990s p4c-ers such as Karin Murris and Tim Sprod wrote about the potential of picture books for eliciting interesting philosophical questions from children. Now, all over the world, picture books provide a rich stimulus for p4c.

In this section, our contributors not only recommend picture books they find suitable for p4c but may also suggest activities and ideas for lessons or series of lessons on the books of their choice. Read on or consider becoming a contributor to share your ideas.

Title Category Author Createdsort icon
Recommended Books for 7-11 years old
A list of 30 picture books to stimulate p4c with summaries, lists of concepts and possible questions. Selected with children aged 7-11 in mind.
Picture Books, Recommended! Sue Lyle 06/05/2015
Recommended picture books 3–6
A list of 16 picture books to stimulate p4c with, summaries, lists of concepts and possible questions. Selected with children aged 3–6 in mind
Picture Books, Recommended! Sue Lyle 25/03/2014
Goldilocks and The Three Bears
Lessons plans for using the Goldilocks story for P4C with children aged 3–7
Picture Books Sue Lyle 25/03/2014
Reasoning about Mole and Basil
Another resource on the enjoyable picture book by Werner Holzwarth and Wolf Erlbruch. The focus is reasoning.
Reasoning Concepts, Picture Books Sue Lyle 05/02/2014
Tiddalick: Forum Folk Tales
Combine storytelling, philosophizing and role-play
Picture Books, Stories & Storytelling, Role plays Steve Williams 03/05/2013
Talking about Mole and Basil
Using a picture book to support the practices of restorative justice and P4C.
Picture Books, Role plays, Lesson Outlines Sue Lyle 23/03/2013
Yertle the Turtle
Ideas for using this Dr Suess story.
Picture Books Steve Williams 28/01/2013
I Want My Hat Back
A scheme of work for ethical enquiry
Picture Books Sue Lyle 25/01/2013
Frizz and Shine
Four original illustrated stories, available to subscribers in PowerPoint format -- ideal for a class reading.
E-Books, Picture Books, Scripts and Dialogues, Stories & Storytelling Steve Williams 03/08/2012
Piggybook by Anthony Browne
Discussion ideas for parents and teachers.
Picture Books James Nottingham 15/05/2012
Mr Gumpy’s Outing by John Burningham
Discussion ideas for parents and teachers.
Picture Books James Nottingham 15/05/2012
Changes by Anthony Browne
Some ideas for parents and teachers for talking about this popular picture book
Picture Books James Nottingham 15/05/2012
The Gruffalo
Ideas for using the popular story by Jane Donaldson
Picture Books James Nottingham 01/05/2012
The Tunnel by Anthony Browne
Some lesson ideas to use with a popular picture book by Anthony Browne. The activities have been tried with pupils in year 3–6 but could be adapted for younger or older pupils.
Picture Books Sue Lyle 25/10/2011
The Story of Little Mole: Lesson Ideas
Lesson ideas for this humorous book about a mole who finds poo on his head and goes looking for someone to blame.
Picture Books, Lesson Outlines Steve Williams 13/06/2011
Choose a King
An activity leading to dialogue about qualities of leadership after reading ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak (activity cards attached)
Picture Books, Lesson Outlines Sara Stanley 17/03/2010
Theming ideas from 'The Last Noo-Noo' by Jill Murphy
An extract from a session using 'The Last Noo-Noo' by Jill Murphy. Pupils had been thinking philosophically for six months in their first year at school.
Choosing Questions, Picture Books Sara Stanley 26/11/2008
Where the Wild Things Are
Ideas for using the popular picture book by Maurice Sendak. This is an extract from Storywise by Karin Murris and Joanna Haynes
Picture Books Karin Murris 17/09/2008
Little Blue and Little Yellow
Recommendation and ideas for the picture book by Leo Lionni
Picture Books Karin Murris 06/09/2008
Recommended picture books
Over 50 recommended picture books with summaries and ideas on themes etc.
Picture Books, Recommended! James Nottingham 05/09/2008
Dragons and Giants
Lesson ideas of the story 'Dragons and Giants' from 'Frog and Toad Together' by Arnold Lobel
Picture Books Steve Williams 18/08/2008
The Important Book
Lessons ideas for 'The Important Book'. Issues of personal identity and 'things that are important'.
Picture Books Steve Williams 12/05/2008