P4C.COM NEWSLETTER: 26 January, 2012

Dear p4c.com subscribers

With permission from the IAPC, we have added some useful resources from Matthew Lipman's Philosophy for Children Program to P4C.COM this week. They are exercises from the manual to Kio and Gus. There are items on the sort of language that helps children to think systematically such as 'example', 'generalization', 'similar', 'question' and 'answer'. There are also ideas for exploring concepts such as 'purpose' and 'truth' with children aged between 7 and 14. We have added some additional comments on how each of the items could be carried out using 'game-like' and 'group-work' routines that many teachers are familiar with.

Matthew Lipman discusses his view of 'Philosophical Discussion Plans and Exercises' in ANALYTIC TEACHING Vol. 16 No.2. Steve Williams has also contributed a short article on 'The Language of Reasoning' that stresses the importance of developing children's awareness of just how useful simple words like 'example' can be.

Sara Stanley has added an activity to help children from 4-7 understand and use the concepts 'possible and impossible'.

You will all the above listed under 'recent posts' as you log in.

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Yours faithfully
The P4C.COM Team